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Since 2012, we provides one robust and complete solution for cinema. Our software is built specially for you. It includes functionality for a wide range of activities.

With Automation, Centralization and Optimization coming from us, your cinemas can achieve better results and improve operational efficiency.

6 Cinemas
35 Halls
4,497 Seats

Enhancing Experience

Increase Efficiency

We has everything you need to run a cinema. Our core module gives you full control over the entire cinema from the head office. Automated data flow guarantees access to real-time information.

  • Box Office

  • Concessions

  • Online Booking & Sales

  • Mobile App

  • Self Service Kiosk

  • Loyalty Program

  • Inventory & Warehouse

  • Vouchers, Coupons & Gift Cards

  • TMS Automation

  • Film Distributors Integration

  • Digital Signage

  • Analytics & Reporting