24 / 7 Self Access

Anytime Anywhere

Staff portal is a cloud portal where the employees have access to their own attendance, leave details, pay slip, Tax forms & their personal particulars.

Employees can download Infotech Mobile Apps to clock in daily Attendance, apply leave, apply payroll claims, view their payslip and Income tax forms. It is paperless, convenient, faster and smarter.

Effective Cost Management

begins with setting smart budgets

Once you start using Project Costing module, you can easily refer back to time tracked on each project to make even more accurate estimates in the future.

  • Captures employee’s actual time spent on each project.

  • Employee can be assigned for multiple projects on the same day.

  • Generate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly man hour reports.

  • Comparison report for targeted hour & actual hour taken for each project.

  • Comparison report for estimated cost & actual cost incurred for each project.